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CARHRIHL and Peace Trainings

713078688_0b4ddf7f8b_mSulong CARHRIHL in partnership with the Prelature of Infanta, and the Peace Advocates of Northern Quezon and Aurora (PANQA) held a CARHRIHL and peace training in Tahanang Nasaret, Infanta. Church leaders, key members of the non-governmental organizations Task Force Sierra Madre and Task Force Kalikasan and representatives from the media and Kabalikat Civicom participated.

The training was held in preparation for the August 6, 2007 dialogue for the Metro Real Peace Zone, and future barangay-level CARHRIHL trainings to be spearheaded by PANQA and Sulong CARHRIHL Metro Real. The campaign for the Peace Zone began earlier this year through the Kapayapaan weekly broadcasts on DWJO-Spirit FM.

Bicol, specifically Sorsogon, is on the list of the perceived “hot spots” in the Philippines because of the continuous war between the armed forces and the local NPA. Extra- judicial killings, the collection of revolutionary tax, and the extortion of permits to campaign from those running for public office are also rampant in this area.

BEC Workers from municipalities of Sorsogon City, Bacon, Bulan, Bulusan, Sta. Magdalena, Magallanes, Castilla, Gubat, Pilar attended the CARHRIHL and peace training in Sorsogon City. During the training, the participants drew up a peace-building plan that included dialogues with barangay officials and youth leadership training with components of human rights, IHL, CARHRIHL, and peace.