Monthly Archives: April 2002

The opening activity

arakanbmp4The opening activity of the workshop started early the next day with an ecumenical prayer and the singing of the national anthem. Ms. Joeven Reyes, Executive Director of Sulong CARHRIHL formally welcomed the participants to the workshop and stressed importance of the gathering of young people for peace and CARHRIHL Advocacy. She relay the envisioned partnership of the Network with young people by harnessing the potentials and other mechanism already being used by the youth to sustain such partnership.

Afterwards, as per the design of the workshop, the first two days of the thematic workshop was assigned for the introduction and deepening of knowledge on concepts of human rights, sectoral rights and issues, peace, IHL and CARHRIHL through learning sessions and fora. The discussion started with the lecture on deepening understanding of human rights by Atty. Ibarra Gutierrez III, Executive Director of UP Institute of Human Rights. The discussion focused on the historical imperatives which led to the conceptualization of human rights as an assertion of the people. Atty. Gutierrez also provided discussion on the basic concepts of human rights and described contemporary development in human rights theory and practice. Furthermore, he delved on the concept of universality of human rights as stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Nonetheless, he also posed questions on operationalization of human rights as it is individualistic in nature and western in orientation.

The next learning session was a workshop on building protective environment for children especially those involved in armed conflict and how CARHRIHL can be used to protect their rights. The learning session was facilitated by Mr. Marco Puzon, National Coordinator of Protect CIAC. The session started with an activity designed to show the situation of children and how their rights are violated. After the activity, Mr. Puzon explained the activity and its relation to the topic. The participants were introduced to the six grave violations of the rights of children as well as on children’s rights violated under the premise of CARHRIHL. Moreover, Mr, Puzon stressed the need to advocate for children’s rights and presented possible avenues for advocacy of children’s rights.

Before lunch time, the each group was asked to list down rights of women at times of peace and uring armed conflict. All of the groups posted their list after 15 minutes and headed for lunch break. After the lunch break, the session on women and girl’s rights was facilitated by Ms. Joeven Reyes, Executive Director of Sulong CARHRIHL. The discussion focused on the basic rights of women and girls at times of peace and during armed conflict. She introduced to the group the UN Resolution 1325 and the CEDAW as international instruments to secure women and girl’s rights. Moreover, she also presented the context of CARHRIHL in relation to UN Resolution 1325 and CEDAW. The discussion focused on the rights enshrined in the three document and highlighted the need for women to assert such rights. At the end of her discussion, the earlier workshop was checked to validate the rights listed by the participants.

Due to late notice of the speaker from NCIP, the session on understanding the marginalization of IP’s and protection of their rights was cancelled. Atty. Masli Quilaman of NCIP Human Rights Office however made efforts to arrange his schedules to be able to come the next days but was not permitted by the consequences of office related concerns.

All the learning session was well participated by the participants. To allow them to express what they learned and as per activity design, a poetry writing session was facilitated by Mr. Wilson Requez, Networking Officer of Sulong CARHRIHL. Mr. Requez presented a five line poem guide for those who are new into poem writing. Some of the participants are already familiar with it and proceeded on their own.

After the dinner, the groups gather for the night for their poetry reading session. Everyone shared their poems and it was a good exercise to gauge what they’ve learned on the morning sessions. The evening ended with everyone happy sharing their reflections for the workshop.