Monthly Archives: December 2002

Sulong CARHRIHL as a “third party” to the conflict

The network will maintain its independence and autonomy.

It will not file complaints on behalf of victims but will ensure that human rights victims will have recourse and that the CARHRIHL processes and structures are responsive.

It will campaign for the observance of the CARHRIHL by both parties in order to prevent violations.

Functions of the Network

Sulong CARHRIHL hopes to bring together people, groups, and programs nationwide to achieve its advocacy, prevention, and monitoring goals.

The network shall serve as a coordinative body of these groups and individuals who agree to adopt the objectives and undertake corresponding actions (promotion, documentation, monitoring and fact-finding, responding or assisting HR/IHL victims).


HR/IHL Training and Education
HR/IHL and Peace Constituency Building – networking and capacity-building
Implementation and Action-Response – updates on HR/IHL/CARHRIHL and peace situation; special missions/campaigns/task forces; statements; mediation and engagement of the GRP and the NDF; interface with other HR/IHL and peace agencies and initiatives
Organizational Mechanisms

networking and partnership building at different levels with existing groups
unity of purpose, sharing of strategies, and pooling of resources but full respect for the autonomy and integrity of partners
diversity of organizational forms and entry points
Approaches and Strategies

Public awareness – statements, radio programs
Education and norm building – trainings, seminars
Forums/discussions/studies on critical issues and developments  – publication, radio
Research for well-informed intervention
Direct and indirect engagements – letters, statements, dialogues in different levels
Case-specific interventions