Monthly Archives: October 2005


In its efforts to involve the youth in the call for peace and CARHRIHL, SUlong created the PEACEtahan 2008 campaign, a year-long series of activities including a poster/infomercial/songwriting and music video contest. PEACEtahan aims to develop advocacy materials for and by the youth, giving us a glimpse into their hopes and ambitions for a peaceful nation, a nation where basic human rights and the rights of civilians even at wartime are respected.

The Awards Night was held on April 19, 6 p.m. at the UP Film Center, with performances by Imago, Bayang Barrios, Reggae Mistress, Teatro Kolehiyo ng Miriam with Pinay and Jeepney Joyride.

Rommel Ramota won for his poster Wall of Peace, Roxanne Paraguison for her infomercial CARHRIHL, tied with John Chris Crisostomo’s Lakad Kabataan, Purebliss for their song Pilipinas, and Lilcoli for his music video Kabataan.

For the whole PEACEtahan story, complete with photos, videos, and the complete entries to the contest, visit the Sulong Youth Network blog.

Sulong CARHRIHL, in partnership with Pathways Production and with the support of the Government of Norway, produced 18 Tikada infomercials this year. These three-minute radio spiels were aired nationwide on Radio Mindanao Network in the first two months of 2006, during Radyo Pitlag’s time slot (Monday-Friday, 6:00-6:30 pm). The Tikada infomercials tackle several topics including the causes and impact of armed conflict on civilian communities, the need to observe and respect human rights and international humanitarian law, the importance of peace-building efforts and the active involvement of the actors for peace. Several spiels address specific issues like the use of landmines and child soldiers.